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There Will Be No Pet Center in the Ballona Wetlands

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Once again, the Annenberg Foundation's big plans for a pet center have been thwarted. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife released a statement yesterday saying the Foundation was "suspend[ing] its continuing involvement" in the Ballona Wetlands restoration process, reports the Argonaut, meaning its plans to build a wildlife/pet center, potentially with interpretive exhibits, classrooms, offices, bike paths, trails, and parking in the middle of the environmentally sensitive habit. (Similar plans for a complex in Rancho Palos Verdes were scuttled a few years back because the site was only supposed to be used for "passive recreation.")

Obviously environmental groups were opposed, arguing the wildlife needed the wetlands more than the center. Further, pets aren't technically allowed at the site under current rules. Restoration of the wetlands will carry on without the Annenberg Foundation, DFW assured, with Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission and the Coastal Conservancy still on board and involved in plans to help revitalize the soggy grounds. (Not that that's uncontroversial either.)
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