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Curbed Cup Final Four: Koreatown (1) vs. South Park (5)

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We're down to the Final Four in the 2014 Curbed Cup race for the Los Angeles Neighborhood of the Year. We'll have one matchup today and one tomorrow; voting will begin Wednesday to pick the winner of the prestigious golden jpeg. Voting for each poll ends 24 hours after opening (and will be watched closely for any shenanigans). Let the eliminations continue!

First seed Koreatown pulled out a decisive-but-not-enormous win in the last round over a strong opponent (the Financial District); Ktown is never a slouch in the action department, but this year it went national with the opening of the super-hip The Line hotel, which immediately made every hottest hotel list, thanks in no small part to its Sean Knibb design and Roy Choi restaurants. Meanwhile, the very fancy, very tall The Vermont apartment towers opened shortly after selling in what was possibly the biggest deal of the year. Meanwhile, other new developments, big and bigger, are popping up all over the area as the Purple Line begins its stretch west out of the neighborhood toward La Cienega.

Fifth seed South Park beat its neighbor, fourth seed Historic Core, with a modest lead in the last round. The neighborhood's been in a development boom since LA first started pulling out of the recession, but the neighborhood has outright exploded in mixed-users in 2014. And we're not just talking stubby seven-story apartment buildings, although there are plenty of those. We're talking towers like 1200 Fig, the 32-story building set to rise behind the Ace Hotel, and the 28-story one barreling along at Eleventh and Hope, and we're talking massive megaprojects like Fig Central, Metropolis, and Mack Urban's Millennial-friendly community. The neighborhood is so hot it's even starting to attract some decent places to eat and drink, and even old stalwarts like the Hotel Figueroa are being drawn into the fancification. Of course all that construction is making life difficult for the people who already live in the 'hood.

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