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Exuberantly Colored 1920s Spanish in Mar Vista Asking $979k

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How fitting that the exterior of this four-bedroom house is painted orange, because like an orange, it's broken up into sections inside, each identified by its own unique color. That's right: every room in this house has a different hue—Barbie-pink kitchen, salmon living room, bubble-gum dining room, red bathroom. (The only thing that isn't the color of a sassy lipstick is the combination gym/dance studio at the back of the house.) This vibrant dwelling does come on pretty strong, but at its core, it's a well-maintained, 1,642-square-foot bungalow, with a Batchelder-tile fireplace, in a nice neighborhood, and that's not bad at all. Resting comfortably on a 6,249-square-foot lot, it's asking $979,000.

· 3947 Albright [Christie's]
· 3947 Albright Ave. [Redfin]