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Dov Charney Isn't Broke or Homeless, He Has a $4-Million Mansion in Silver Lake

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American Apparel founder and well-documented creep Dov Charney was fired from his company last week "for cause," and yesterday Bloomberg reported that he had told them he was down to his last $100,000 and living at a friend's place in New York City. But Charney is not close-to-broke or even a little bit homeless. He owns a very expensive house in Silver Lake, which as a bonus is a lot closer to Downtown LA's American Apparel headquarters than the Lower East Side is. Charney bought the hilltop-capping Garbutt House back in 2006 for $4.1 million, according to several sources, including PropertyShark and the LA County Office of the Assessor, and by all evidence, it's still his to this very day.

PropertyShark dug into their raw data for Curbed and confirmed that there are no liens on the property, no sign of a sale, or anything else that would suggest Charney has lost or is in danger of losing control of the house. He did take out a $200,000 mortgage in 2006, right after he first bought the place, but there's no evidence that he's in trouble with it (that said, PS has a one and a half week lag on recording titles, so it's possible he sold the house in the past week). According to the LA County Treasurer and Tax Collector's website, Charney is even up to date on his property taxes (which are nearly $28,000).

The Garbutt House is appropriately weird for Charney: it was built in 1923 by rabid anti-unionist and pan-industry magnate Frank A. Garbutt, who was so terrified of floods, earthquakes, and fires, that he had his house made entirely of concrete, with a concrete roof, steel doors, and not a single fireplace. Today it's got more than 20 rooms packed with marble and gold, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. When Charney moved in, he posted a giant middle finger sculpture in the yard and took in several roommates/assistants, "mostly twenty-somethings who work at an American Apparel factory a few miles away," as Portfolio reported in 2008. ("I used to have girls around, but it's easier with boys.")

Charney says he was screwed by a hedge fund and we're sure he's in his version of money trouble, not like being down to your last $100k is terribly sad. But with the real estate market doing just swell in Los Angeles, he could rent out a few of the Garbutt's 20-plus rooms for extra cash, he could probably sell the house, he might even be able to take out a line of credit on it. And he could definitely move into the house himself if he really needed a place to sleep. Point is: Dov Charney is just fine.

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