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Rent a Mid-Century Mod in the Hills With Interiors By the Dresden Room Designer

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Per its listing, this jaunty (and jauntily angled) red residence in the lower Hollywood Hills was built in 1954 by architect Dwight Pollock for one "Dr. Weatherly." When the good doctor sold the house a decade later, its second owner brought in interior designer Guy Moore—known for his work on the iconic Dresden Room in Los Feliz—to Googie up the joint. And we are ever so glad he did. Now available for lease for the first time ever, the 1,832-square-foot house features three bedrooms; two baths; concrete floors; walls of glass, wood, and stone; a stone fireplace; multiple view decks; and some amazing built-ins. Sited on a 10,167-square-foot lot, it can be yours for $7,900 a month. (Alas, Marty & Elayne are not included.)

· The Weatherly/Tinker Residence, 1954-1964 [Architecture For Sale]