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Tour the Minecraft Version of the Minecraft Creator's Outrageous New Megamansion

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Last week, Swedish billionaire and Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson dropped $70 million on an over-the-top-lavish spec megamansion in Beverly Hills; it was the city's most expensive sale ever, according to a release from Persson's real estate agents (and he outbid Beyoncé and Jay-Z for it). Now Polygon finds that not only has someone gone and rendered the house in Minecraft form, but they've also put together a tour of the blocky digital property that matches the actual house's dramatic and absurd promotional video. The Minecraft mansion does lack many of the original's extravagant details, like all the artsy chrome guns and Bentleys in the basement, but it still captures the total decadence of the place.

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