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Someone Fell Off the Trolley at the Grove Yesterday

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The Grove trolley, one of Los Angeles's highest profile and slowest moving transportation lines, has an excellent safety record. But with the holiday shopping masses packing the mall this weekend, and maybe some "holiday cheer" in the mix somewhere too, the trolley lost a rider this weekend. Twitterer @ThankYouX tweeted this photo of a man down on the tracks; he later added "he fell off the trolley. Ambulance took him away." Onlookers seemed completely unconcerned, as if they'd been permanently alienated from their fellow human beings by late capitalism and its ravenous-but-fickle attention economy. We put in a call to Caruso Affiliated, which owns The Grove, but they probably have better things to do than answer our questions about trolley accidents and we have not heard back yet. In 2008, several people were injured when a Grove trolley lost its brakes.
· LACMA and Grove Owner Collaborating on Fairfax Trolley Plans [Curbed LA]

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