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Hollywood's Palladium Towers to Include Palladium Restoration

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The mixed-use Palladium Residences, set to rise right up next to the historic Hollywood Palladium at Sunset near Gower, are chugging right along with the recent release of its draft environmental impact report, which includes new details on the double-tower development and potential restorations to the Palladium. Not only is developer Crescent Heights trying to get the 1940s-era venue named a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument, it's also proposing to make some enhancements to the Streamline Moderne venue, including updates to the ballroom and lobby that are in step with the building's more recently updated exterior.

It's not news that the PR's towers, designed by Stanley Saitowitz of Natoma Architects, will have 14,000 square feet of new retail space (including about 5,000 square feet for a restaurant), but developers Crescent Heights are also planning to reactivate 10,000 square feet of vacant retail space inside the Palladium building. (Crescent Heights doesn't own the venue, but is working with the owners on these possible upgrades.) The new project's ties to its namesake are deep; design elements of the new towers take inspiration from the Palladium's marquee.

But Crescent Heights still hasn't acutally chosen which of two proposed options they'll be building: one plan calls for a purely residential tower (731 residences), while another calls for a residential/hotel combo (598 units and a 250-room hotel). But the plan ultimately chosen won't affect the building's exterior; both options call for towers up to 28 stories and 350 feet high, plus three publicly-accessible courtyard areas (33,800 square feet total) at Argyle, El Centro, and Sunset frontages of the property, and the same amount of parking (1,900 car spaces and 820 for bikes). Variations to accommodate either plan would be made up by shuffling things around inside the structures, says the DEIR.

No definite construction timeline's been announced at this point, but according to the project's website, Crescent Heights is hoping to have the towers up and complete by 2018.

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