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New Downtown LA Shuttle Service is "Like a Free Uber"

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The parking situation in Downtown is improving, thanks to successful new spot-finding programs, but sometimes a night out requires moving the car multiple times, or a long walk back to the car in less-than-sensible shoes or the rain, or drinking—all real bummers. Now there's a new option: park once, then call DTLA's free shuttle to haul you to your destination and again to take you back to your car. Genius. The Downtown News makes the Downtown Concierge sound really good. It operates in a four-mile radius around Downtown, and will pick up and drop off anywhere within those borders. It will take people to their front doors! All for free!

Individual rides are free because sponsors (Downtown businesses) pay a monthly fee. "If Downtown Concierge sounds like a free Uber," that's because it is, says shuttle business owner Michelle Thrower, a long-time "parking management" professional. She estimates that 1,000 people a month take rides in one of the company's two 20-person buses or in their 15-passenger van. The shuttle starts service at 9 am and operates as late as 2 am on the weekends, and until midnight on the weekdays.
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