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Tiny Hipster Shops Livening Up Broadway's Tower Theatre

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While the full-scale revitalization of Broadway's lovely and historic Tower Theatre remains a work in progress, a few new retail shops have moved into tiny retail storefronts along the Tower's Eighth Street face and are livening up the area, says broker/blogger Brigham Yen. They'll fit right in in the greater Ninth/Broadway area, which has been Downtown's break-out hotspot of the year.

The biggest store, space-wise, is an art gallery that takes up three small storefronts, but maintains the walls between each, so patrons have to exit to go to the next section of the space. Another, a clothing and accessories shop, kind of looks like the front of a very fashionable dry cleaners; the third sells hand-crafted popsicles styled after fruity Mexican paletas and has seating inside for two, from the looks of it.

The shops make perfect sense on this hip section of Broadway (even though they're not technically on it); around the corner is the Rialto, which houses an Urban Outfitters and the Ace Hotel and its restaurant and lounges, and, across the street, the Broadway Trade Center is getting the creative office treatment.

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