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Curbed Cup Round 1 Results! Hollywood Out in Major Upset

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And so round one of the 2014 Curbed Cup comes to a close and we are down to eight contenders for the highly-coveted Neighborhood of the Year title. That's Neighborhood of the Year, awarded to the 'hood that was most thrilling in 2014 (or the one that wrangled up the most votes in the past week). Here's your bracket as it stands now. Inglewood is the big underdog story, pulling out a win over Bunker Hill on the pure psychological power of a potential NFL stadium, we guess; fifteenth-seed Los Feliz also upset second-seed Hollywood in a victory for hotels so tiny they could not house the entire Partridge family.

In round two, juggernaut/favorite Koreatown will go up against the very strong Financial District; South Park will meet its neighbor Historic Core and they'll argue over who gets to claim those super-hot borderlands around Olympic. Meanwhile, Inglewood will takes its potential into battle against the frighteningly well-equipped Arts District, and bourgie white people haven Santa Monica will go up against bourgie white people haven Los Feliz. See you next week!
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