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BREAKING: Minecraft Creator Snatches Bonkers Bev Hills Megamansion From Beyoncé and Jay-Z For $70M

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WHAT THE... No part of this story makes any sense, but we'll tell it to you anyway: back in August, a completely ridiculous spec megamansion hit the market in Beverly Hills asking $85 million—it's outfitted with a candy room, a car showroom, vodka and tequila bars, a 54-foot curved glass door that opens onto the pool, eight bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, apartment-sized closets, and a movie theater, and even the listing called it "an overwhelming sensory experience"—and somehow it stoked fevered bidding wars. Combatants included Most Important Couple in the World Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and word came earlier this month that they were winning with a $70 million offer. The house has just sold for $70 million ... but to Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson. "Cases of Dom Perignon were part of the deal."

According to a press release from John Aaroe Group, which repped Persson in the deal, this is the highest price ever paid for a house in Beverly Hills and the sale closed in a very speedy six days. Persson took every last bananas thing in the house, "from luxury furnishings to exotic electronics," to the towers of M&Ms, giant grenade art, the replica of James Dean's motorcycle, the 18-foot onyx dining room table ("that includes place settings by Roberto Cavalli at a cost of $3,700 each"), and three "high-definition 90-inch television screens [that] bring panoramic views of Los Angeles from the roof into the down stairs lounge."

"On a conventional note," says Aaroe, "the home has eight bedrooms and 15 bathrooms all equipped with Toto Neorest toilets at a price of $5,600 each."

Persson is Swedish and the release adds that "Overseas buyers are an increasingly important market for ultra-luxury trophy properties in Los Angeles … Trophy properties in LA are underpriced compared with other world cities so buyers can enjoy the lifestyle now and know they will make a solid profit in the future." That sales price again was $70 million.

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