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Curbed Cup Round 1: Hollywood (2) vs. Los Feliz (15)

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Here it is: the 2014 Curbed Cup race for the Los Angeles Neighborhood of the Year. Round one of our tournament features 16 'hoods vying for the coveted golden jpeg—we'll have two matchups every day through Thursday, then take a look at our tournament bracket on Friday. Voting for each poll ends 24 hours after opening (and will be watched closely for any shenanigans). Let the neighborhood on neighborhood carnage begin!

Hollywood positively OWNED the year in development news. A hard-to-believe boom is bringing a dozen new hotels to the neighborhood, Emerson's starchitecture campus opened, the Palladium is getting two tower neighbors, the enormous Yamashiro site is up for sale and could be redeveloped as just about anything, the block-sized Academy Square will fill up the abandoned site of the Academy's movie museum, and even the relatively quiet northwestern section of the neighborhood is getting some surprising action. A couple downers, though: lawyer Robert Silverstein managed to get permits nullified for a half-built Target at Western and Sunset and for the already-built-and-occupied Sunset Gordon tower. Also like half of these buildings sit on an active fault or whatever.

Los Feliz has a hotel boom going on too, it's just really really tiny: five rooms on Hollywood Boulevard, 17 rooms (plus lots of restaurant/bar space) at Hillhurst and Hollywood. And just across the street from the latter at that high-profile intersection, a huge mixed-user with market could take out an unbeloved AutoZone. Meanwhile, Nathan For You and Dumb Starbucks brought a lot of attention to that Drawing Room stripmall.

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