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NoHo Pedestrian Tunnel Will Shave Nearly a Minute off Trips Between Red and Orange Lines

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All those wack detour signs at Lankershim and Chandler mean that construction is indeed underway on the subterranean pedestrian tunnel to connect the Red and Orange Lines in North Hollywood. Work began in July this year, and when the project is finished in the spring of 2016, the underpass should shave 44 seconds off the time a passenger spends to cross the street, says Streetsblog, citing a 2012 Metro board report. Forty-four seconds might not sound like a lot, but it can definitely mean the difference between making the bus/train or tragically missing it.

According to Metro's fact sheet for the project, the underpass will have escalators and elevators, in addition to stairs, to allow riders get up to the opposite side. It will also have TAP card machines, which you can never have enough of. The tunnel-making process will also include the relocation of a colorful tile artwork inside the Red Line station; the art piece just so happens to be on the wall where the tunnel's entrance will go. The tilework handily happened to be installed on a knock-out wall, so it shouldn't be hard to safely move it to a new spot in the station.