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LA Spent 2014 Trying to Figure Out Kissing and GamerGate

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In the same way that the search history of a computer can offer deep insight into the mind of its user, the most searched terms and queries for an entire city can provide a peek at what weighs on the minds and hearts of its denizens. Google's year-end tradition of releasing these kind of lists (via LAist this year) allows for just that kind of reflection, and one thing that's clear is that what Los Angeles really, deeply wanted to know in 2014 was how to surf, detox, and kiss. Yep, those were the three most searched "How Tos" for LA, respectively. Number 10? How to invest. Well, is it any wonder, after spending all that cash on surfing lessons and juice cleanses? Google also released top "What Is" searches for the city (full of confusing subjects like Bitcoin and GamerGate), top people, top news stories, and more. Here are the full lists:

Top "How to" searches
· how to surf
· how to detox
· how to kiss
· how to knit
· how to memorize
· how to shave
· how to sing
· how to dance
· how to deadlift
· how to invest

Top "What is" searches
· what is ebola
· what is als
· what is isis
· what is bitcoin
· what is magcon
· what is airdrop
· what is whatsapp
· what is wcw
· what is uber
· what is gamergate

Top people
· Robin Williams
· Philip seymour hoffman
· Tracy Morgan
· Jennifer Lawrence
· Donald Sterling
· Iggy Azalea
· Maya Angelou
· Ray Rice
· Carmelo Anthony
· Renee Zellweger

Top trending events/news
· World Cup
· Malaysia Airlines
· Ebola
· Black Friday 2014
· NFL draft
· Oscars 2014
· Coachella 2014
· Olympics
· Blood Moon

Top trending searches
· World Cup
· Robin Williams
· iPhone 6
· Malaysia Airlines
· Philip Seymour Hoffman
· Ebola
· Tracy Morgan
· Jennifer Lawrence
· Donald Sterling
· Iggy Azalea
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