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See All the Potential Designs For the Glendale/Griffith Park Bridge Across the LA River

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The first phase of the Glendale Narrows Riverwalk—a linear park along the LA River and under part of the 5 Freeway—is open for strolling and nature-enjoying, so it's time to look to the next step in the project: the bridge phase. Officials have been circulating eight possible designs for a bridge that would span from the Riverwalk to Griffith Park across the river; the community favorite so far is called "The Garden," says the Glendale News-Press—that bridge would stretch more than 300 feet long in an elongated "S," with two hubs near the middle of the bridge for resting and gathering, accentuated by two structures that look like blooms.

Residents have also been giving feedback on the three possible locations for the bridge—most popular so far is a spot that would link Flower Street on the Glendale side with the bike path by Griffith Park's Ferraro Fields. The Glendale City Council is due to review all of the options by the end of January; once they've picked a design, they'll start looking for funding for the project (depending on which option is selected, bridge construction could cost anywhere from $3 to $18 million). Elsewhere along the river, bridges are in the works for Cypress Park/Elysian Valley, Atwater Village/Griffith Park, and the Arts District/Boyle Heights.

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