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New Look For Big Park Fifth Mixed-User by Pershing Square

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The back-from-the-dead, Pershing-Square-adjacent Park Fifth's got a new look that makes a little more space for its residential units while taking a little from the retail end. These new plans, via Building LA, will be making their debut at a Downtown LA Neighborhood Council meeting tonight, where it'll be explained that the two-building project will go from 615 to 660 apartments and shave the total commercial space down to just under 14,000 square feet (from 17,000 square feet). The two designs come from Ankrom Moisan Architects, who designed the Luma and Elleven towers in South Park.

With the new designs, Park Fifth's tower will stay 24 stories, but go from 240 feet tall to about 255 (the helipad's included in that estimate), and it'll be a little bit wider in the north-south direction than originally planned. The accompanying seven-story mid-rise building, meanwhile, will go from an "E" shape to a "C" to create more outdoor space. The mid-rise would hold 312 apartments, and the tower would have 348; both would have ground-level retail.

It's possible the Park Fifth project may be built in two stages, in which case, the mid-rise would be built first. (Less exciting but hey, at least this project is finally getting built! It's been the poster child for projects that died in the recession.) Construction's planned to begin sometime in the middle of 2015.

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