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The Best Places in LA For Christmas Lights and Holiday Cheer

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Christmas: it's everywhere. Nextdoor, the "private social media network for your neighborhood" (like a neighborhood watch group, but on the internet), has crowdsourced an interactive map with pins in all the tree lots, Santa displays, over-the-top light displays, and donation opportunities throughout Los Angeles. The map has points from the Valley to the Eastside, so no matter where you are when you make the decision that you absolutely need a tree RIGHT NOW, you can easily find the nearest tree lot and remedy that.

Taking a more curated approach, Redfin has compiled a list of all the best places in the LA area to see some seriously festive Christmas displays.

Burbank: Setting the bar pretty high is Norton's Winter Wonderland at 513 N. Florence St., seen above. Also in Burbank is Winter Snowland, not too far from Norton's at 529 N. Florence St.

Pasadena: Upper Hastings Ranch

Altadena: Christmas Tree Lane; the Balian House

San Marino: St. Albans Road

Woodland Hills: Candy Cane Lane, at the intersection of Lubao and Oxnard

Naples Island: It's suggested that viewers park off Appian Way at the lot for Mother's Beach to see the Naples Island lights.

Torrance: Sleepy Hollow Christmas Light Extravaganza on Robert Road. Residents suggest parking on Pacific Coast Highway, Calle Mayor, or Prospect Avenue, then walking in.
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