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Here Are the Fancy New Suites on the London West Hollywood Hotel's Former Ghost Floor

The London West Hollywood has just reopened its long-vacant ninth floor, madeover with 21 new suites and a fancy, 2,600-square-foot fitness center. The new additions include five enormous Gate Suites (1,440 to 1,975 square feet) and 16 smaller Royal Vista Suites. Designed by David Collins Studio, the new rooms will be the first to host guests on the so-called ghost floor of the London; the ninth level has been vacant since the building originally opened in 1984 (the hotel was called Le Bel Age back then).

The hotel was built taller than permits allowed and, as a punishment, the city forbid the hotel from building rooms on the ninth floor. But that's all in the past now that the suites are open, and the London's not stopping there. The next phases of their $25-million renovation, due in January, will include a state-of-the-art screening room on the ground floor and a space dedicated to holding press junkets, according to a release from the London.

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