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WeHo's East Side is on the Rise But Leaving Residents Behind

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West Hollywood's east side (roughly between Hayworth on the west and La Brea on the east for a few blocks north and south along Santa Monica Boulevard) is at a "crossroads," in the position to make choices now that, 10 or 20 years ago, it didn't have the option to make, says a recent report commissioned by WeHo for its Eastside Community Plan. According to Wehoville, the area is traditionally the more dodgy section of West Hollywood, but thanks to lots of new investment in real estate projects (the Huxley, the Dylan, and in-the-works Movietown Plaza), things are looking up for WeHo East. There's still room for improvement, though. The report predicts that a lack of parking, the small size of lots, a surplus of retail shops, and the chasm between what residents make and what apartments cost will all be vulnerabilities in the future of this part of West Hollywood.

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Movietown Plaza

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