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Here Are a Bunch of US Marines Raiding Dodger Stadium

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On Monday night, US Marines in hulking MV-22B Ospreys and other aircraft descended on Dodger Stadium. Unless the president is in town, it's kind of a spooky thing to see those big aircraft, but these vehicles were just carrying the Marines to a "realistic training exercise" conducted within the stadium, the Marines' official website says. Pretty realistic!

The 75 Marines participating in the pre-deployment raid were members of a unit based out of Camp Pendleton, just north of San Diego. They were tasked with storming the stadium via a temporary entrance set up for the practice raid, and overtaking the "opposition forces," the LA Times reports. Both teams participating used weapons that fired paintball-like pellets, none of which caused any harm to the much-beloved stadium.

· Marines storm Dodger Stadium in exercise seeking 'high-value target' [LAT]

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