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Work Starts Tomorrow on the Arts District's First Park

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In the past few years, as the Arts District has taken off like a damn rocket ship, the neighborhood has gotten everything a yuppie could possibly want: the best restaurants, boutique grocery stores, a wellness megaplex. But still there's been no proper park (there is a dog park). That all changes starting tomorrow, when ground breaks on a half-acre park on the campus of the La Kretz Innovation campus on Hewitt Street at Fifth. This is the first final rendering we've seen of the plan, which includes a children's playground, shade structure, lawn area, seating, "daytime and nighttime performance area," and a mural wall, according to a press release from City Councilmember Jose Huizar's office.

The site is owned by the Bureau of Engineering (the Department of Recreation and Parks has a 20-year lease) and Huizar secured $1.8 million in Quimby funds, paid by developers, to pay for the park. The BoE designed the park with community input (ToppingTown has a few more renderings). The Arts District park should be finished by next summer.

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