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Bizarre Bel Air Compound With Bad Identity Crisis Asks $3.9MM

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It's certainly not every day that you come across a pad like this. And it seems pretty safe to assume that this one—sited on a 1.2-acre lot just up the road from the Bel Air Hotel—probably won't be around all that much longer, so get a good look while you still can, folks. There is a lot going on with this compound property, which the listing informs us was originally built in 1937. And some of it—the Streamline-Moderne-style banks of windows, the wainscoting, the built-in shelving, the high ceilings—is actually quite nice. Oh, and we also love the green stove that's in the guesthouse. But as for the rest of it ... well, words fail. The phrase "hot mess" doesn't quite do it justice. Maybe "unholy hot mess"? Last sold in 1995 for $1 million, it's now asking $3.895 million.

· 10571 Ottone Way [Official Site]
· 10571 OTTONE Way [Redfin]