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Next Up For Great Streets Makeover: Reseda Blvd. in Northridge

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The first improvement made under Mayor Eric Garcetti's Great Streets Program lit up San Pedro this week, bringing some cool blue lighting to an elevated pedestrian walkway over busy Gaffey Street. There are 15 streets set to get the people-friendly makeover treatment—one for each City Council district. Next up: Reseda Boulevard in Northridge. Yesterday, says the LA Daily News, city officials took a "maintenance walk" along the street, identifying problems and discussing fixes that would make the street more welcoming to pedestrians and businesses alike. By next June, all 15 districts will have had a maintenance walk and repairs made, says a rep for the mayor.

It appears that no hard-and-fast plans have yet emerged for Reseda between Plummer Street and Parthenia Avenue, where the improvements are set to be installed, but the city has hired LA-Más, a nonprofit design group, which will be meeting with community and local business leaders to brainstorm ideas and hammer out a timeline for the project. Councilmember Mitch Englander, who reps the area, would like to see more "walkability, usability and mobility" transforming that section of the street into "a gateway to the crown jewel of the Valley." The president of the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce would like to see buildings that are more ped-friendly, with greater setbacks from the street, plus a "more attractive" thoroughfare overall. The mayor's budgeted about $800,000 for the first year of Great Streets, meaning roughly $50,000 for each of the 15 projects.
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