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Pay $14.5 Million For the Half-Finished Sunset Strip Dream House the Owner Got Bored Of

The listing for this partly-finished mansion above the Sunset Strip is so charmingly frank: "Developers opportunity to finish a home that began as a man's dream ... The Current owner bought another property and has lost interest in this project." It's hard to say for sure just who that fickle owner is, but the property is tied to an LLC that's tied to a fellow named Alex Maimon, who could but might not be the Alex Maimon who was convicted of Ecstasy trafficking in LA back in 2001, but made a deal and ended up spending little or no time in prison. Anyway, whoever's dream it was, it died 80 percent of the way through. Now some new dreamer has the chance to project his desires onto the potential five-bedroom, six-and-a-half-bathroom, 8,800-square-foot house, which also has a beauty salon, infinity pool, and four-car garage, all on a little more than a third of an acre. The owner bought the house in 2010 for $2.2 million. Asking price today is $14.5 million.

· 1609 Magnetic Terrace | Sunset Strip [The Agency]