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No One is Afraid of Trespassing at the Abandoned Minnelli Mansion of Beverly Hills

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It's pretty wild to know that there's a mansion in Beverly Hills that's so neglected that people seem to just come and go as they please on the abandoned property. Plenty of people have, from the looks of it, felt comfortable enough in the former home of famed musical director Vincente Minnelli to create floor-to-ceiling graffiti pieces and watch porn. This recent video, posted about a week ago on YouTube, is a 17-minute, narrated walk-through of the whole place, with Blair-Witch-style cinematography. It's terrible as a house tour, but interesting as a measure of just how unafraid people have become about trespassing onto this property, which has been more or less abandoned since it sold in 2006, following a legal battle between Liza Minnelli and her step-mother. As the video shows, the house has rapidly descended into shitshowiness, which is pretty amazing considering that it was already a disheveled, dilapidated mess when we first saw inside this spring.

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