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Malibu's Paradise Cove Pier Illegally Closed to People, Birds

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The company that operates Malibu's Paradise Cove is embroiled in major drama over access to the pier and the beach itself, both of which, by terms of the company's 10-year lease with the California State Lands Commission, are supposed to be open to the public—even those who won't pay the bogus fees they're trying to charge. One of the ways that the State Lands Commission says Kissel Company (managing the area as Paradise Cove Land Company) is illegally limiting public access to these public resources is by erecting "an unpermitted gate" that continues to block the entrance to the structure.

As of early November, the commission had issued a warning letter to the operators and was in the process of investigating several claims that public access was being obstructed. But it looks like the gate's still up and still closed, blocking people from walking on the pier, LA Observed has noticed, but there's also a dangerous new feature on the pier: thin, nearly-invisible fishing line that runs the length and sometimes the width of the walkway. The odd addition could mean some gruesome, wildlife-unsafe consequences for any of those pelicans or seagulls that, according to the folksy sign posted, are the only living creatures allowed on the pier.

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