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Rent Marlowe's Apartment in the Sky From The Long Goodbye

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Back behind the Hollywood Bowl, down a couple of twisting streets and up an Italianate private elevator tower (or a public staircase), lies a little car-free neighborhood in the sky. The High Tower microhood, an architectural grab bag of houses and apartments crammed in around tiny walk streets, was made famous in Robert Altman's 1973 Raymond Chandler adaptation, The Long Goodbye, as the improbable home of Elliott Gould's improbable Detective Philip Marlowe. (His only neighbors are a coven of lithe hippies who really like brownies.) Units and full buildings in the High Tower come up for sale or rent every now and again, but this week is the first time we've seen Marlowe's actual unit offered (at an improbable price!), still looking almost exactly like it did in the movie. (The kitchen built-ins are intact and perfect for cats.) The one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit comes with private parking down at street-level, a washer/dryer, hardwood floors, and a terrace, and it's renting for $2,800. (And by the way, The Long Goodbye just came out on Blu-Ray and is an essential LA film.)

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