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Still-Not-Restored Glassy Modern by Bissner & Zook Zooms Back Asking $2 Million

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Seems like only yesterday that this petite-but-stylish 1947 Modern in Laurel Canyon was trotted out to market, but here it comes again for its third go-round in less than two years. Hard luck, old chum. As in its previous two appearances, the Bissner & Zook-designed residence is still billed as a fixer. What's more, its new listing even reuses the same photos from last time. There are a couple of significant differences, however. One, the new listing markets the property as a "Major opportunity to build a main house and restore the existing mid-century guest house." And two, the asking price has been jacked up to an audacious $2 million; i.e., $525,000 over its most recent sale price of $1.475 in April 2014.

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