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Tiny, All-Suites Hotel Popping Up Above Los Feliz's Bar Covell

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We've seen the rising popularity of the micro home, but is the micro hotel about to come into vogue? A five-room hotel is in the works right now on the second floor of the 1930s-era brick building on Hollywood Boulevard that houses wine bar Bar Covell. The hotel, neatly named Hotel Covell, will sit just above the bar and feature five luxury "suites" furnished with fancy fridges and luxurious bedding; they'll also each have a cozy kitchenette. Overall, the project is shooting for a "masculine-meets-modern vibe," according to a press release, although we assume women will still be allowed to book rooms.

The hotel, from restaurateur Dustin Lancaster (of Bar Covell, L&E Oyster Bar, and Highland Park Brewery) and interior designer Sally Breer, is more than just a place to stay—it's also apparently a novel or something, telling "the story of George Covell, a fictional character inspired by Breer and Lancaster's backgrounds." What?

For example, Chapter Two bares the essence of George, a young boy from Oklahoma - similar to Lancaster's own origins - who has recently moved to New York City for a fresh start. The room has a masculine feel, a cool blue color palette and mixes in fresh modern pieces with simplistic undertones. A neighboring room, Chapter Three, is reminiscent of George's Parisian apartment, which he shares with his lover Claudine, and features warmer pink and white tones with neutral elements, sheepskin rugs and bohemian and vintage pieces. With Chapter Four, George has reached the status of a rich writer and the room reflects elegance and maturity, a worldly perspective with luxurious and irreverent furniture pieces, warm, layered rugs and a jewel tone color palette. Wild. The hotel's scheduled to be finished sometime this winter. It could soon be joined by another, comparatively enormous hotel, boasting a whopping 27 rooms and snuggled up next to the Vista Theatre at Sunset and Hillhurst, in a building currently housing office spaces. This Vista-adjacent hotel would also have two restaurants. Add both of those coming attractions to the hefty 200-unit mixed-user proposed for the corner of Hillhurst and Hollywood, and there could soon be a whole new bustly feel to this almost-East-Hollywood section of Los Feliz.
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