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Adventurers' Club of Los Angeles Votes to Keep Women Out

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The Adventurers' Club of Los Angeles is a venerable, private organization once described as a mixture of Temple of Doom and Cocoon that counts among its members record setters, international marathoners, James Cameron, Buzz Aldrin, and many other overall badasses. Members meet to hear lectures from fellow adventurers, eat meaty dinners, and, recently, to cast a vote on whether or not the 93-year-old club should allow women in as members for the first time in its history. The vote today maintained that the Lincoln-Heights-based club would remain boys-only, reports KPCC, and that women would continue to be allowed only as speakers or as guests at special events, no matter how well-traveled they are.

When past president Mark Weitz first proposed the idea of admitting women, the board of directors were supportive, "but as things grew more acrimonious," three board members began waffling, says the Union-Tribune. Weitz tells KPCC he is disappointed and might bring the matter up for a vote again next year. (The vote, which required two-thirds of members to sign off, could have been close, but we may never know, since club bylaws prohibit discussion of the vote totals.)

Adventurous men can stop reading now; here's a peek inside for the women and the dudes who will never wrestle a polar bear:

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Adventurers' Club of Los Angeles

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