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Breaking: Here is the Map of the Hollywood Fault to Terrify You

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The California Geological Survey has just released its finalized map of the Hollywood Fault and the findings are kinda (sorry for this!) earth-shattering: the state says the fault runs right under the planned site of Millennium Hollywood, a two-tower mixed-use development that is supposed to hit 39 stories at its tallest and that has already been approved by the LA City Council. It is, sensibly, illegal to build on top of or too close to an active fault. (On another note: pretty unnerving seeing question marks on a "final" map of a fault, huh?) MillHoll hired private geologists to study the matter earlier this year; after digging a big-ass trench on the eastern portion of the site, which is right next to the Capitol Records building on Vine Street, they declared there was no fault to be found. But the state geologists say the fault actually runs just south of Capitol Records and right through the planned site of one of the MillHoll towers. Still, the towers aren't dead yet.

A rep for MillHoll tells the LA Times "We're disappointed" and that the state is "in our opinion, incorrect." If the LA Department of Building and Safety agrees or otherwise decides it's fine to build on the site, they could still choose to issue building permits. If not, they could tell developer Millennium Partners to redesign the project to avoid the fault or they could order further studies. (MP still hasn't even applied for permits; they've been holding off while this all gets sorted out.)

The LADBS just declared last week that a 16-story building can move ahead at the neighboring 6230 Yucca site; the state geologist agrees and their new map removes a fault line that had been placed on the site. (And meanwhile, the fault no longer cuts right through the Blvd6200 development, but runs along its northern edge.)

The Hollywood Fault could produce a 7.0 earthquake.

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