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Completely Absurd $850k Listing in Echo Park Flipped Into Pretty Reasonable $880k Listing

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Last time we saw this Echo Park house, in December of 2012, it was a complete wreck: messy, still decorated for Halloween, and apparently damaged. It was also asking $850,000. As one commenter said at the time, "This is the post gentrification price." And that commenter was just about right! After selling for $535,000, the house has now been gentrified, whitewashed, slat-fenced, and hipster-staged, and today is asking $879,900.

The five-bedroom, one-bathroom, 1,134-square-foot fixer has become a three-bedroom, two bathroom, 1,433-square-foot house "rehabbed by an experienced contractor" with new electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. The backyard, which has "ample space for a future swimming pool, has been cleaned up too, with drought tolerant landscaping, natch. The property's not quite as close to Mohawk Bend as advertised (it's closer to the superior Taco Zone), but with the hunger for hipster flips what it is in Echo Park, it should do just fine.

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