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See WeHo's Taylor Swift and Grindr Plan For Safer Streets

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There are so many layers to this goofy and wonderfully-choreographed PSA from the city of West Hollywood, but they all work in service of promoting a simple message of paying attention to the road. Pedestrian safety is a huge concern across Los Angeles, obviously, but especially in the festive city of Rainbow crosswalks, where there have been 88 pedestrian-car collisions (three of them fatal) since 2011, as Gizmodo points out.

A newly launched campaign is aimed pretty squarely at the young and gay, using emojis when possible, creating sultry bus ads that look like they were made by an early-nineties-era Calvin Klein, and then posting those ads on billboards and apps like Grindr. It also includes this Taylor Swift parody-song video, which is definitely silly but also pretty fun; may its message be as catchy as its tune.

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