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Los Angeles City Council Votes to Cover Mound With Tarp

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Big mound news: today the Los Angeles City Council voted to cover a large mound of second-hand asphalt at Van Nuys Airport with a tarp. The asphalt, which is used for street repairs and ranges in size from "fine dust" to "human fist," according to the LA Daily News, has allegedly been blowing into nearby houses and yards, making neighbors in Lake Balboa "increasingly frustrated," according to the City Council motion approved today. The city has already "reduced the pile's size from 30 feet to 17 feet" and today voted to cover the mound, stop adding to the mound, and come up with a longer-term strategy for dealing with the mound. "For me, the ultimate goal is to have [the mound] removed," says City Councilmember Nury Martinez.
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