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DTLA's Super-Delayed Clark and Embassy Hotels Finally, Actually Moving Forward

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We didn't want to get our hopes up this summer when the renovated Hotel Clark got its certificate of occupancy that it might be opening any time soon, but a planning commission ruling for the owners, developers Chetrit Group, means that both the Clark and the Trinity Auditorium/Embassy Hotel (another Chetrit-owned property) are on the move and could both be open in less than a year, says the Downtown News.

The conversions of these lovely and historic buildings into hotels were held up by a dispute with a local union, but in late October, the planning commission denied the union's appeals to the projects. Now, both hotels have their certificates of occupancy, and a rep for the projects says that the Pershing Square-adjacent Hotel Clark, could open in about four months, and the Trinity Auditorium/Embassy Hotel, "a more upscale, slightly older Ace [Hotel]") in eight months. Hotel operators haven't been announced for either location yet.

Meanwhile, renovations on the turn-of-the-century buildings are quietly progressing. We got a sneaky peek into the Embassy Hotel earlier this year, but updates on interior spaces at both locations have been hard to come by. As far as layouts go, the Clark will have 347 "Mod-style" rooms and "multiple restaurant spaces" on the first and second floors. The Embassy Hotel will hold 183 rooms and have street-level dining that links up to a patio area. Earlier reports also mentioned that the Trinity Auditorium was to become a venue, and that there'd be a rooftop pool, both of which, at least on paper, might make it as cool as the Ace.

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Hotel Clark

426 S. Hill St., Los Angeles, CA