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Marble-ous Mulholland Drive Mansion Boldly Asks $22MM

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Bestriding like a Colossus the border of Bel Air and Beverly Crest (the LA Times says it's Bev Crest), this Mulholland Drive mansion was built in 1993, and not-too-coincidentally, is quite a monument to '90s excess, as the matching pair of Sea-Doos parked outside subtly hint. Per the listing copy, the 2.1-acre estate contains a 9,500-square-foot main house with seven bedrooms, twelve baths, an elevator, a home theater/office, and more marble and candelabras than Liberace could shake a bejeweled scepter at.

There's also a "professional style basketball court," which seems like it could double as a helipad, "ponds, fountains, European-style verandas, swimming pool, spa"—don't miss the fake-swan planters encircling it—"and much more." Asking price is $22 million.

· 14430 MULHOLLAND Dr [Redfin]