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SaMo's Expo-Adjacent Denny's Mixed-User Gets a Reboot

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Since 2012, plans have been knocking around to turn a Denny's on Lincoln (right by the end of the Expo Line extension) into a mixed-user, but when designs first made their way through the city approval's process, the response from SaMo officials was underwhelming. They seem fairly happy with the latest round of designs, which nearly doubles the open space of the original plans and apparently gets rid of that weird wire cone from the old design, says the Santa Monica Lookout.

New elements of project now include a large interior courtyard and paseo in the development, plus wider sidewalks along the street.
The 100-unit, five-story building's got a bit more commercial space now (13,000 square feet instead of 10,000) and might include 10 units of housing for tenants with a very low income, as well as 10 units for moderate income households. (The proposal from developers NMS Properties doesn't meet some zoning requirements, and thus, they've got to bargain with the city and offer "community benefits" in exchange for the ability to build.) City officials still said that there was too much parking—221 spaces in an underground garage—which is a valid complaint considering how close to the new rail line the development will be. The SaMo Planning Commission will have a hearing before making a decision on the design. It's just one of the many new developments in the area in preparation for the Expo Line's extension opening up.

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