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"Rustic Residential" Planned for North Atwater Near Bridge Site

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As the LA River's transformation into something that people might brag about living next to continues, the activation of the land around it for things other than factories or light industrial use continues, too. The family of Morton LaKretz—the philanthropist and developer putting up most of the money to build a potentially bird-killing but very pretty bridge over the LA River—is planning to put a new residential project along the river, right by the future LaKretz Crossing site. Eastsider LA reports that the family LaKretz is planning to put 60 townhomes designed by Rios Clementi Hale Studios on an industrial plot they own that's not far from the the bridge site.

The property's zoning will have to be changed from its current agricultural status in order to build the development, which now calls for homes ranging from 1,400 to 1,700 square-feet plus landscaping and walking paths, creating a "rustic residential" vibe for the riverside project, a consultant working with the family tells ELA. If everything goes along with the LaKretz family's plans, construction might start as soon as 2016.
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