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Mid-Century Modern Overlooking Pasadena's Private Johnston Lake Has So Much Potential

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Located within Pasadena's San Rafael Hills, Johnston Lake began life as a natural spring-fed pond, but was turned into a lake back in 1876 by Prudent Beaudry, a former LA mayor who lived on the parcel. Up until the 1950s, the three-acre lake was accessible to all, but in 1953, lakeside residents got together to form the Brookmere homeowners association, which swiftly put the kibosh on allowing the unwashed masses to pollute its waters. The 21-acre gated community contains only 18 residences, one of which has just hit the market.

Built in 1964, the three-bedroom, two-bath house looks like your classic sixties modern from the outside. Unfortunately, its interior has been subjected to an extensive remodel that calls to mind a depressing, generic vacation condo. On the bright side, the 2,169-square-foot residence has vaulted ceilings, walls of glass, an attractive floating fireplace, and a .29-acre lot. Asking price is $1.875 million, while HOA fees are $192 per month.

· 1305 Club House Drive [Official site]
· 1305 CLUB HOUSE Dr [Redfin]