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Eight Vintage Postcard Views of Los Angeles Then and Now

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1910s postcard of St. Mark's Hotel on Windward Avenue, Venice

It's crazy the things people used to make postcards for. Now, all the cheesy trinket stores sell a million mailable photos of the Hollywood sign, but it used to be that you could get a postcard of a cool barbecue restaurant, or a wild roller coaster in Venice. Thanks to the ScenePast: Americana Road Trip app, we're getting a chance to see a bygone Los Angeles through well-preserved old souvenirs for "popular landmarks, beloved destinations, forgotten restaurants, memorable motels, & quirky roadside attractions," and their locations as seen in the present. ScenePast previously brought us before-and-afters of famous LA filming locations.

↑ 1920s postcard of Race Thru the Clouds roller coaster at 1600 Main Street, Venice

↑ 1950s postcard of the Hollywood Bowl

↑ 1940s postcard of CBS KNX Studios at Sunset and North Gower

↑ 1960s postcard of the Beverly Theatre at 206 North Beverly Drive

↑ 1960s postcard of Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland

↑ 1940s postcard of the Bay Steer Barbecue at 11720 Ventura Boulevard in Studio City

↑ 1940s postcard of Rand's Round Up Restaurant at 7580 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood
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