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Mapping the Possible Spots For SaMo's Bike Sharing Stations

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Santa Monica just couldn't wait to get their city-wide bike share up and running. Last week, SaMo City Council approved the public bike share program (possibly LA County's first!) and is now looking for suggestions about where to place possible stations, says Santa Monica Next. They've created a site with a map that shows where stations have been suggested, how popular those suggestions are, and offers users a chance to suggest a new spot. (There's also an app version.) Some of the most popular locations so far are at the Third Street Promenade (no surprise there) and John Adams Middle School (Ocean Park Boulevard and 17th Street).

The 500-bike system, operated by CycleHop, will feature "8-speed "smart" bicycles" at 65 to 75 stations citywide, says SaMo's website. They're hoping for the stations to be ready to use by mid- to late-2015, a little earlier than Metro's regional system, which was aiming for a 2016 launch.

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