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Spa-Like Topanga Estate With Yurt and Yoga Tent Asks $4.55MM

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Let's face it: neither a Downtown loft nor a mid-century modern in Los Feliz "inspires a vibrant and holistic lifestyle" quite like this sprawling Topanga estate. Beyond the two-bedroom master suite, "hand-hewn" wood floors, four fireplaces, pool, and rooftop lounge, there are the outer structures: a giant outdoor yoga studio, a yurt with a wood stove, two guesthouses with their own kitchens and bathrooms, and "an old barn" that's been upgraded into a workshop/caretaker unit, all neatly nestled into 7.5 serene and private acres. The property's asking $4.55 million.

· 701 Greenleaf Canyon Road, Topanga, CA [Estately]