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Charting Metro Rail Ridership Along Every Line

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If the trains seem more crowded on your weekday commute or weekend shopping trips, you might be right—depending on what line you're on. Let's Go LA took a look at Metro rail ridership from 2010/2011 up to 2014, isolating the top ten months with the highest numbers, on both weekdays and weekends. Weekdays are still busiest on the Blue and Red Lines, even with the Red Line's less-than-peak numbers for most of this year. And while the Blue Line didn't break any records this year, but it did have one of its best months this past August, when it saw over 90,000 riders.

Meanwhile, the Expo Line has seen some of its best numbers in the last nine months, on both weekends and weekdays. Weekends are also busy for the Red Line, which saw good numbers on Sundays, and the Gold Line, which received a noticeable bump in weekend ridership, perhaps because it started to run trains every seven or eight minutes. The Orange Line wasn't included in this round, but was part of a roundup looking at rapid bus ridership, which we'll check out tomorrow.

· LACMTA Ridership Update – October 2014 [Let's Go LA]