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Some Bel Air Residents Are Livid Their Street Will Close Briefly for Filming

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Get ready to laugh, Downtowners or anyone who's ever had an episode of CSI take over their neighborhood for three days: according to the Beverly Hills Courier, some Bel Air dwellers are miffed that filming for an undisclosed project will close one entrance to Bel Air (the one at Sunset and Bel Air Road) for eight hours overnight. One major complaint, says the Courier, is that "filming will close the street and block a main access area – an inconvenience – and a safety hazard in a fire-prone area." They're not even trying to see the potential positive aspects of this situation, like maybe getting stolen muffins from craft services.

True, the neighborhood's been through a lot. Let's not forget that these poor people have been "besieged by overdevelopment, construction, excavation vehicles and DWP improvements following the sinkhole incident in front of UCLA last summer. The additional stress of filming puts the community as a whole at risk." At risk of what? Having to briefly use another entrance? Yes, and that is terrible.

Underneath this whole filming conflict seems to be a new, exciting rivalry between two local homeownership groups. The organization that approved the filming, the Bel Air Association, has been embroiled in a neighborhood battle with another group, the Bel Air Homeowners Alliance, and this has given them another chance to butt heads. The BAHOA tells the Courier that the BAA's agreement to the shoot is "in total breach of of the BAA's obligation to the residents of this community," and goes on to suggest that the group is gung-ho for filming because they're going to be paid so that their logo can be filmed.
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