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Watch a Stunt Driver Do Donuts Around Everything in LA

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What do LA's cars dream of when they're in the garage at night? Probably speeding through Los Angeles, doing tricks and never having to worry about cops. In the latest from gifted driver Ken Block, Gymkhana 7, viewers are invited to see what that might look like. Watch with a twinge of envy as a suped-up Ford Mustang does donuts around Randy's Donuts, in the plazas of Chinatown, and around cop cars; performs elaborate spins along LA's streets and freeways; dips a tire in the LA River; and briefly joins a reenactment of the OJ pursuit. It's not often you get to see that, right?

Like the good folks at Boing Boing, we felt that the first four or so minutes were sort of superfluous, so we skipped right to the good stuff in the embed below. (The full version is here.)

· Incredible street driving in Los Angeles [Boing Boing]