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Rent This Giant, Glassy Salad Spinner in Bev Hills for $59k

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Well if it isn't the famed "salad spinner" home designed by Malibu-based architect Ed Niles, back on the market as a rental. In addition to six bedrooms and a glass-enclosed central courtyard that gives the place that exhaust-fan look, this 6,500-square-foot abode in Beverly Hills has a seven-car garage, the requisite infinity pool, and views, views, views, according to the listing. (It also seems to have shrunken about 1,000 square feet since we last saw it. What gives?)

The home was built at the behest of developer Raffi Cohen (San Pedro Vue, Blu Beverly Hills) but it hit the market before it was even complete. It wasn't exactly a spec mansion; apparently Cohen commissioned it when he was single, but then he got married, was having a family, and felt that this place wasn't really kid-friendly. Public records on Redfin show it sold in 2011 (post-pricechop) for $9 million.

Our pals over at Curbed watched as this place listed again last November for nearly $15 million; unfortunately, it took a pricechop of over $4 million before the home sold. Public records show the new owners closed on the house this past March—paying $10.5 million—and already they're renting out the somewhat-civic-looking structure. Their loss is your potential gain, for the right price. The residence is available for a steep $59,000 a month.

· 1169 Loma Linda Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210 [HotPads]