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Revealed: Phase Two of South Park's Mixed-Use Megaproject

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We got a peek at the first part of Mack Urban and AECOM Capital's massive, millennial-friendly mixed-use project earlier this year, but now we're completing the puzzle with these renderings by AC Martin of the taller, second part of the four-building project. As seen on Building LA, this arm of the $750-million dollar development will take out a couple parking lots, but add so much more: the two buildings in this phase will rise 37 and 12 stories tall and together contain over 650 units and over 20,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space.

The largest building in this phase of the project would be cropping on a 1.6-acre parking lot at the northeast corner of Twelfth and Grand. The plans call for a 37-story tower with 512 condos and around 10,000 square feet of space for retail and restaurants on the ground floor. The building would have eight levels for parking (six above ground, two below), with a total of 752 spaces. (That sounds like a lot, but the plans call for this structure to provide parking for both buildings in the development.) The tower would have a deck for resident amenities like a pool and a dog run. Taking advantage of building in a post-helipad-requirement LA, the tower would be topped by a 100-foot spire that's sadly not featured in any of these renderings.

The smaller, second building would sprout at the northwest corner of Twelfth and Olive. Rising 12 stories, this part of the project would contain 154 condos (a combination of studio and one-bedroom units), open-air space for residents on the third level and the roof, and feature zero hotel space, which had previously been a possibility for this building. This new construction will have about 11,000 square feet of retail/restaurant space at street-level, and be outfitted with sleek metal panels and blue LED lights on its facade, hopefully jazzing up the street scene for those walkability-loving millennials.

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