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Here's Every Metro Station Ranked By Its Potential Ridership

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There are plenty of charts that show which Metro stations are busiest, but none we've seen that show which ones have a crop of potential riders already in the vicinity. Until now! Over at Urban One, they've charted the population and employment within a half-mile of the Metro stations along all rail lines and the Orange Line busway. When the information's arranged from least to most populous, one of the first things that pops out is how few people there are near the end of the Green Line—there are fewer than 100 living within a half mile of the Mariposa and El Segundo stations. (Makes sense, there's a lot of industrial and office space out there.) It's not a surprise that the stations with the most people around are along the Red and Purple Lines, but it is interesting that the stations with the highest populations aren't the ones immediately in Downtown. Here's all the data:

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