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Could Bob Hope Airport Become Hollywood Burbank Airport?

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Everyone in Los Angeles knows Bob Hope Airport in Burbank is the region's first or second best secret in air travel, but obviously no one outside Los Angeles knows that. The airport is struggling a bit lately and thinks it needs to do a better job letting people know it's in LA. "Some people seem to think it's in Palm Springs," one official tells the LA Times. One idea: bring back the airport's pre-1978 name, Hollywood Burbank Airport. Totally evokes a guy in a plaid suit paying cash for his ticket after he's already on the plane, right?

Anyway, a name change probably isn't that likely, but the airport is very serious about a brand new replacement terminal and finding some way to lure in flyers who travel into LAX because it's named after the place they want to go—they'll start by "try[ing] to build a stronger association between the airport and nearby media companies, entertainment venues and tourist attractions." A potential link-up to the Metro rail system would be a big boost too; the airport is already close to Metrolink and Amtrak, unlike some other airports we could name.

Passenger traffic was down 3.7 percent in 2013-14, but the airport stayed on budget "through property leases, film shoots and other non-airline sources."
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Bob Hope Airport (BUR)

2627 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505